Using BIM to "bridge" the information gap Part 1

SUN Engineering awarded CSD to undertake the structural steel detailing and the miscellaneous metal works for the Robinsons road overpass pedestrian bridge. This as usual entailed the drafting of structural steel works and supply of the detail drawings for shop fabrication.

However as with all of our projects now, we have made the BIM model available to the architects, engineers and fabricators from the word go on our cloud server. Is this just a fancy 3D model for the clients to toy around with?

Consider if you could:-

  • Reduce RFI's and TQ's for the overall project.

  • Reduce RFI/TQ response and action times.

  • Early detection of possible transport / erection problems.

  • Create accurate erection sequences easily.

  • Find assembly locations with the touch of a button... ON SITE!

  • Reduce overall schedule time across all sectors of the programme from design through to erection and completion.

Now consider what impact you could make if all these parties have access to this model all of the time, all commenting and attaching documents into the same collaborative model. Survey data can be imported showing actual concrete locations, services and electrical can be brought in along with vendor items such as elevators.

Using CSD's cloud capabilities that's exactly what we can provide and we will be posting more in-depth blogs in the near future showing examples and working studies of how this can be done well.

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