CSD BIM is the construction management arm of CSD Group Australia Pty Ltd, specialising in the use of advanced 3D tools in providing a visual representation of the combined infrastructure requirements of different construction units. Crucial at pre-design and planning stages, the accuracy of the models translates to the efficient and seamless completion of projects. 

Established in 2013, CSD Group has worked on projects in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. It offers a suite of services for construction projects, from pre-construction design works to on-site solutions. CSD Group has four units: CSD BIM, CSD Drafting, CSD Engineering and CSD Site.

3D modular BIM CSD

Port Macquarie modular building

With BIM, the company provides not just 3D models, but more importantly, integrates the design requirements of all aspects of construction.

CSD BIM services will enable clients to conceptualise well-planned, thoughtfully designed projects and build them with precision. The services include:

  • 2D transfer to 3D modelling for services for clash detections

  • Clash detection and revision management for projects

  • Cloud hosting of models for full project team access

Building Information Modelling

3D modular BIM CSD
BIM management plan

BIM Management Plans


BIM Management Plans serve as a single, cohesive, comprehensive reference for everyone involved in a construction project.


It begins at conceptualisation, development, coordination, all the way to project completion. The BIM Management Plan is shared online to all relevant parties ensuring all models adhere to:

  • Correct naming, numbering and document control procedures

  • Global positioning to integrate models with ease

  • Correct Level of Development (LOD) for each contractor 

  • Correct colours, codes and naming for elements per contractor

  • Regular clash detection at scheduled intervals undertaken by the project team

BIM management plan


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As-built and

Revit Modelling


As-built and Revit Modelling enable project managers to ensure that construction is done as planned.

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